March Chapter Meeting Minutes

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Our IMBA chapter continues to grow.  Our meeting minutes from the March chapter meeting are posted below.  This was a very important meeting as we have funds available from a recent grant courtesy of the Peoria Diamond Club to aid in promoting youth getting outdoors.  We were able to donate one bicycle on the day we received the grant and look to continue to promote bicycle use and safety with the remaining funds.

We always welcome everyone to attend and voice ideas and input.  Look for the next meeting to include a ride beforehand.



West Valley Trail Alliance Chapter Meeting 2 March 2, 2017
Board members meeting started at 6 pm and ended at 6:30. In attendance was Brian Murphy, Justin Powless, Kim Doud, Murel Stephens, Kurt Lange and Steve Medcroft. Ken Hill arrived after the board members meeting had concluded.
Brian informed the Board about Board of Directors insurance and informed us on why we should get the insurance. It was voted on to wait until further information was provided from IMBA on if there would be a CO-OP insurance option.  6-yes, 0-no
Steven provided WVTA black T-shirts, we voted to sell them at $15 and 2 for $25
Steve asked that anything related to children be earmarked as “Children” so it can be properly marked against the Peoria Diamond Club grant dollars WVTA has received.

Official club meeting started at 6:30 pm At the Verrado Grill

The next WVTA meeting will be integrated with a MTB ride.  Most likely we will ride out in Estrella and then conduct a meeting after our ride.  This will provide more riders with an options to attend our club meetings.
It was asked if there was an official route from Verrado/Skyline park to White Tank Park (WTP)?
Phil Riemer stated that there is not an open route from Skyline currently, however there is a planned route for the future. Phil will start the discussion with Bob Wisener and Donna at the City of Buckeye and maybe we can assist.
Kurt and Brian informed members of a possible cyclocross race in Goodyear/Avondale. Kurt ask the members if there would be an interest in executing a cyclocross race and if so, he would put all the aspect of the race concept together, i.e., insurance,  manning, budget, execution plan, etc. Then present for a vote to execute.

Brian informed members that there is another $5000 grant that he will be submitting soon. If we are awarded the funds it was suggested to use the dollars for the following opportunities,
Start the Skyline park to WTP trail and to outline how the funds would be used. Or to advance  the Maricopa trail in the west valley.
Estrella Regional Park trail head is needed to help inform users. Apparently the trail location is  very vague and a trail head marker would improve the users experience.
WTP-Comp loop Trail day is planned for 18 March, Brian was going to approach Allen about a reroute due to severe erosion at the top of the Tech Loop.

There was a motion by Steve- He asked that as you request club funds for activates, Clearly state what category the funds will be used for, i.e., kid skills day, Trail Maintenance, advertising etc. That way he
can track how much money is going to each activities and a far distribution of the dollars.
Velo coming to Verrado 20 May
Justin an Murel will work with WTP on having a beginner MTB event in the future. Brian will provide us the park contact information. The frequency is yet to be determined, monthly or quarterly.
Kurt will work on Club Tri-fold for our club.  Club needs this tri-fold to capture the mission, vision, purpose and community activities. 


Meeting Adjourned

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