West Valley Trail Alliance and IMBA advocating for all of us with the BLM.

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The Arizona are of the BLM recently held a public input meeting for the Buckeye Hills Travel Management Plan.  While a majority of our work in the west valley entails trail work we also work very closely with local land managers to advocate for trail access.  Recently some of our board members along with friends we have working with Maricopa Parks and the Maricopa Trail attended a public input meeting.  We were presented with maps that contained existing trails within our territory and areas ripe for future trails.

Together with the help of the International Mountain Bicycling Association and their southwest region representative, Patrick Kell, we compiled a letter to submit, along with our input taken at the public meeting.  Attached is a copy of the letter we submitted.  We are very grateful for the assistance provided by IMBA.  With their expertise we have made every effort to ensure future trail access is part of the plan as the population of the west valley rapidly grows.

We thank each of you that have taken the time to join IMBA and place West Valley Trail Alliance as your local chapter.  We will continue to work hard with your help.  If you haven’t joined, we encourage you to do so.  Meetings like this require the national and local knowledge only a partnership with IMBA can provide.

You can review our letter by clicking the link below.



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  1. Jose Garcia

    Suggest an Idea for some long Hiking biking and horse trails . Due to future development forecast possibilities; Seems that some of my neighbors could use a place for trails ,connecting the Bradshaw mountains to White Tank mountains , and on to the Estrella mountains . Just wondering on how feasable it would be ,for a joint effort between communities .

  2. Jose, thank you for the comment and sorry for the delayed response. All of us are volunteers and try to keep up the best we can. Presently there is not direct connection between the Bradshaw and White Tank mountains. The Maricopa Trail leading from the Lake Pleasant area does connect to the White Tank park. From there the Maricopa Trail fades out as it is works towards the Estrellas.
    We are actively involved there as they look for land acquisitions to complete the trail. Another opportunity could be the Vulture Mountain Recreation area. This is a new park that will have OHV trails as well as traditional multi-use park trails. We are active in working with Maricopa Parks as they plan new trails.
    Here is a link to the Vulture Mountain park if you would like to research further.

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