IMBA Dig Campaign and REI Grant Award

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Hello fellow trail enthusiasts. We have been waaayyy behind on updating our website. As a group of volunteers we do our best to keep this page up to speed but time gets away from us on occasion.  You can follow us on Facebook for the most up to date news.  WVTA on Facebook

We are also on Instagram at #westvalleytrails.  Post away with your trail pics.

We have big news from about 5 months ago. The West Valley Trail Alliance was awarded a $7,000 grant from REI. The funds are dedicated to the purchase of a trailer to transport our many trail tools purchased with a grant from the previous year, also from REI.  Look for pictures of the trailer coming soon.

In addition to the tools we will be aiding Estrella Mountain Regional Park by purchasing a brand new trailhead kiosk instead of the tiny sign at the highly trafficked Quail Trail.

Up next, we are actively working with IMBA and their Dig In program to raise funds to create a proposal and rework the very neglected Estrella Mountain competitive loops. You can donate anywhere from $5-$50 or more if you choose. All of it will go right back to creating an awesome race venue we can all be proud of.  Follow the link below to learn more about our planned work.  Estrella Mountain Comp Loop Donation.

If you are not a member we welcome you to join us as we continue to advocate for trail access in the west valley.  50% of your membership comes directly back to our local trails.  Join West Valley Trail Alliance

Continue the work. The park is connected to the comp now!
Continue the work. The park is connected to the comp now!



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