$2,000 more from REI via their Local Outdoors Program!

We are continuing our push to turn Estrella Mountain Regional Park and the competitive loops into something all of us can enjoy, while keeping the challenging portions of the trail.  We were recently awarded $2,000 additional dollars to help make this project a reality.  We are also awaiting the decision on our grant for $10,000 from REI and their stewardship grant program.


In addition to those grants we have submitted an application to Club Ride for their stewardship grant as well.  Fingers crossed on an additional $2,500.  Visit Club Ride at Club Ride. 


This would be in addition to the $2,000 from The Mountain Bike Association of Arizona

We also have a grant application in with the City of Avondale for their health and wellness program.  We feel our plans fit nicely with the improved health and wellness for Avondale residents  It would be a great partnership opportunity as well.

Most importantly, your membership keeps us going.  Without you and your hard earned money being contributed to our organization we simply cannot advocate for change and improvements.  Please join us via the link below.

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March 30th, 2019 AZ State MTB Championships Recap!  


A great day of racing!

What a great day last Saturday.  Joined by racers from around the state, with a huge group of junior racers, we held our second ever mountain bike race event.  Many of our juniors were surprised with a little cash, thanks to our friends at Murphy Capital Advisors

We had a great time and hope you did as well.  We are learning with each event we hold, so if you have comments or suggestions please contact us via the Contact Us link.  Thanks to all of you for taking a chance and trying a new event.  We plan to be back next year as well, with a few course changes, more schwag, and more fun!







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Our Purpose:

To be a trail advocacy group for all non-motorized users (hikers, bikers, and runners) for the Phoenix Southwest Valley including the communities of Goodyear, Avondale, Buckeye, along with Estrella Mountain and White Tank Regional Parks.

How it all began:

The Estrella Trails Club began around 2005 as a way to promote the building and care of our beloved FANTASY ISLAND NORTH SINGLE TRACK (FINS) built by a bunch of die-hard men and women who had an interest in mountain biking in our local area.

Since that time we have stayed a relatively informal group. Our scope began to change when some of us raced on a local mountain bike team and had to get “volunteer points”. Up to that point, we had never considered helping out our local parks to improve the tails.

Slowly our group increased in size and scope. A few of us began to work with the Estrella Community HOA and formed the Estrella Trails Committee to bring a trail system to the community. This includes the “Estrella Loop” which is now nearing completion.

In 2010, the Estrella Regional Park made a public announcement seeking input from the community towards improving the trail system within the park. A second group was formed to work with the Estrella Mountain Regional Park to “re-open” some of the trails that had been recently closed and to improve the existing trails within the park. This second group formed the West Valley Trail Alliance.

The West Valley Trail Alliance partnering with Newland Communities and the City of Goodyear, a southern entrance into the park from Estrella is in negotiations and a bike park is in the planning stages for the Foothills Community Park.

In addition to improving the mountain biking and hiking experience in the West Valley, the ultimate goal of the West Valley Trail Alliance is to create a “world-class” outdoor experience by connecting Goodyear, Buckeye, and Surprise as part of the Maricopa trail system.

How we have evolved:

In November of 2015 a loose knit group of dedicated trail builders and advocates from the west Phoenix valley made a tremendous second step.  We became a formal chapter under the International Mountain Bicycling Association, or IMBA.  We have used our status as a chapter well the last several years.  We were awarded a visit from IMBA Trail Care Crew where we worked side by side with Maricopa County Parks staff on trail building techniques.  The success of this event has led to two grants courtesy of REI and multiple others via our board members and other local advocacy groups. 


We now have two core groups that reside within our chapter.  The Estrella Cyclists located in the Estrella mountains and the Lost Creek Bike Club in the White Tank Mountains.  Together we work to grow trail access and mountain biking in the west Phoenix valley.






Continue the work. The park is connected to the comp now!
Continue the work. The park is connected to the comp now!