West Valley Trail Alliance


Our Purpose:

To be a trail advocacy group for all non-motorized users (hikers, bikers, and runners) for the Phoenix Southwest Valley including the communities of Goodyear, Avondale, Buckeye, and the Estrella Mountain, and White Tanks Regional Parks.

How it all began:

The Estrella Trails Club began around 2005 as a way to promote the building and care of our beloved FANTASY ISLAND NORTH SINGLE TRACK (FINS) built by a bunch of die-hard men and women who had an interest in mountain biking in our local area.

Since that time we have stayed a relatively informal group. Our scope began to change when some of us raced on a local mountain bike team and had to get “volunteer points”. Up to that point, we had never considered helping out our local parks to improve the tails.

Slowly our group increased in size and scope. A few of us began to work with the Estrella Community HOA and formed the Estrella Trails Committee to bring a trail system to the community. This includes the “Estrella Loop” which is now nearing completion.

In 2010, the Estrella Regional Park made a public announcement seeking input from the community towards improving the trail system within the park. A second group was formed to work with the Estrella Mountain Regional Park to “re-open” some of the trails that had been recently closed and to improve the existing trails within the park. This second group formed the West Valley Trail Alliance.

The West Valley Trail Alliance partnering with Newland Communities and the City of Goodyear, a southern entrance into the park from Estrella is in negotiations and a bike park is in the planning stages for the Foothills Community Park.

In addition to improving the mountain biking and hiking experience in the West Valley, the ultimate goal of the West Valley Trail Alliance is to create a “world-class” outdoor experience by connecting Goodyear, Buckeye, and Surprise as part of the Maricopa trail system.